Welcome to the Ward Lab at Drexel University

Note: Much of this website is still under construction, hang in there!

Led by Dane Ward, the Ward Lab’s primary focus is on the training and mentorship of undergraduate scientist’s within the Biodiversity, Earth, and Environmental Science (BEES) Department at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dane is both equal parts scientist and educator, and leverages local and regional environments to engage students both in the classroom and in student research projects. While our BEES Department strives to provide our students with ‘field experiences early, and often’ the Ward lab further encourages students to step into their role as scientists; to define and manage their space as professionals. 

This site is structured to serve as a proving grounds for our student scientists as they practice becoming effective science communicators, engage citizens as scientists, and explore their roles as active members of our communities.

Please join us on our various projects, ask questions, and feel free to offer suggestions to bring us all a bit closer together through science!