Current Projects

While diverse, all of our research within the Ward Lab is conducted from the lens of conservation and equity based STEM education. To get an idea of the types of projects we are currently working on please see below. The current COVID-19 Pandemic has altered our progress and current research portfolio, as it has for everyone. Check back regularly for updates as we work to return to some of our favorite projects.

Herpetological Research

  • Pine snake conservation genetics 
  • Anuran (frog & salamander) research throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Arthropod Research

  • Melipona honey bee research in Cuba 
  • Backyard native bee research 
  • Malaise sampling across an urban to non-urban gradient

Marine Ecology & Conservation

  • Marine biofouling community ecology in the Barnegat Bay 
  • Palaemonetes thermal ecology
  • Coral reef three-dimensional spatial ecology

Urban Ecology & Spatial Analyses

  • Utilizing virtual reality in ecological and environmental education
  • Nature relatedness and human access / exposure to green space